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From the loading dock to your showcase to the dining room table … there is no one better.

Since 1950, Robb Ross Foods, Inc. has partnered with local bakers throughout California to provide the finest bakery supplies, specialty items and exclusive brands available. From flour to fillings, pastries to packaging, Robb Ross Foods has everything your business needs.

Our service area and expertise spans the central valley, northern California and the central coast. Our sales staff knows what works in your community because they live in the area they serve

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Eddie’s Bakery & Cafe

Sometimes … timing is everything. That’s what Marc and Rachelle Wickliffe found in 2007 when presented with the opportunity to purchase this bakery that had been a staple in Fresno since 1939. Marc has made a career owning and operating successful restaurants so this transition into baking was a challenge he was more than able [...] more »

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